Monday, January 30, 2012

Raise of Green Technology in Ship Transport

It is a good to see the rise of green technology in Nissan in the field of ship transport.

Nissan will accumulate every year to flourish their shipping.

But thanks to the new transport ship which commence on its maiden journey last Friday that bought a green technology in ship transportation.

The Nichioh Maru is the company’s newest cargo liner and it’s making a dash in the green technology world.

Thanks to its ground-breaking plan which recommends an 18 percent fuel savings over similar ships without the technology.

The ship features about 281 solar panels on the floor which power LED lighting all through the ship. It also has a specifically coated hull to decrease drag and is about the length of 1.5 football fields (557 feet).

This new transport ship carries up to 1,380 cars and travels at a top speed of 24.4 mph or 22.1 bonds to make two domestic round trips per week totaling just over 2,200 miles.