Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Entrance of Chrysler into auto hauling business

Auto Transport

Chrysler is towards the auto transportation business. The auto maker will produce Chrysler Group Transport Auto pull and create around 100 jobs, which will go to former workers with Allied Systems. The CAW has discussed agreements which will construct about 100 jobs in Windsor.

About 70 people will be employed for the new company, Chrysler Group Transport Auto pull. The auto warehousing business, Chrysler Yard, which already stays alive, will hire about 30 workers to tribute the new company.

This new jobs are not firmly for drivers but also for dispatchers, mechanics, office and yard workers. The CAW has discussed about the agreements that will see the new workers will be salaried between $22 and $24 per hour.

Dino Chiodo of CAW Local 444 said it's less than what Allied Workers had been making, but Chrysler maintained on getting help to set up the new $11-million business.

Chiodo said that they have deliberately sat down with them and went over the entire agreement and talked about the requirement to at least to have a decent paying job. At the same time they did what is necessary in order for Chrysler to get into the business.

David Skidmore a past Allied employee who helped in the discussion of the agreements.

Skidmore said that it will be the best that we could do and is hopeful about the new transportation business will grow and create more jobs.

Around 300 workers in the area were laid off when Allied got into a contract argument with Chrysler, GM and Toyota.