Monday, January 30, 2012

Raise of Green Technology in Ship Transport

It is a good to see the rise of green technology in Nissan in the field of ship transport.

Nissan will accumulate every year to flourish their shipping.

But thanks to the new transport ship which commence on its maiden journey last Friday that bought a green technology in ship transportation.

The Nichioh Maru is the company’s newest cargo liner and it’s making a dash in the green technology world.

Thanks to its ground-breaking plan which recommends an 18 percent fuel savings over similar ships without the technology.

The ship features about 281 solar panels on the floor which power LED lighting all through the ship. It also has a specifically coated hull to decrease drag and is about the length of 1.5 football fields (557 feet).

This new transport ship carries up to 1,380 cars and travels at a top speed of 24.4 mph or 22.1 bonds to make two domestic round trips per week totaling just over 2,200 miles.

New York City's Record 50.5 Million Tourists Last Year exceed the estimation

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and NYC & Company, New York City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership association, announced that the City ended the year with a new record 50.5 million visitors, somewhat higher than the 50.2 million estimated visitors announce in December.

"The holidays are peak travel period for New York City, and 2011 proves that once again with even higher visitation levels than originally anticipated," said NYC & Company CEO George Fertitta. "The unseasonably warm weather during the last two weeks of the year provided an additional motivation for visitors to travel to New York City, helping the industry achieve its best year yet for overall visitation, expenses and economic impact across the five boroughs."

New York City's tourism industry continue to benefit from strong traditional drive markets along the east coast, the continued significance of the city as a global business travel destination, the city’s strong position in European and Asian markets, and the outlook for rising markets in South America, Asia and Oceania, and the Middle East.

Hotel occupancy closed with a year-end average of 85 percent. A record 27.15 million room nights were sold through the end of the year, a 5 percent gain over 2010 record levels. Airport arrivals through November were 48.4 million, a 1.4 percent raise over 2010. Attendance at a collection of cultural venues and tourist attractions reach a record 21.9 million visitors in 2011, a 3.4 percent raised over 2010.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Facts of Car Moves

Few fundamental particulars to the world of shipping cars to know what car shipping is all about.

The other terms used for car moves are “auto transport”, “car shipping”, or “car relocation”.

Now a day’s car shipping is becoming more famous for those people who are leading a fleeting life.

Special trucks and trailer transport solutions have been provided by the car shipping companies in order to transport the vehicles safely from one place to another.

Alike to car shipping you can move your motor bikes; boats etc. with the help of the companies who are expert in auto transport.

Generally two types of trailer have been used while shipping cars namely open trailer and enclosed trailer.

The open trailers are said to be more popular, and are cheaper to use.

But wealthy people will mostly opt for an enclosed trailer as there is fewer possibility of damage going on during the transport.

It is better for one to go directly to the car shipping company in person to collect the particulars about the price and other details.

The other choice is to use a car transport broker who will be able to get you multiple prices from different companies and advice which one will be the best.

But ensure that you are definitely getting the best price for your move.

Last but not the least is about the insurance for car moves is very important.

Your usual motor insurance does not cover you in the event of an accident when shipping cars but one that can save you money and a lot of disturb if you don’t look at the fine turn out.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Entrance of Chrysler into auto hauling business

Auto Transport

Chrysler is towards the auto transportation business. The auto maker will produce Chrysler Group Transport Auto pull and create around 100 jobs, which will go to former workers with Allied Systems. The CAW has discussed agreements which will construct about 100 jobs in Windsor.

About 70 people will be employed for the new company, Chrysler Group Transport Auto pull. The auto warehousing business, Chrysler Yard, which already stays alive, will hire about 30 workers to tribute the new company.

This new jobs are not firmly for drivers but also for dispatchers, mechanics, office and yard workers. The CAW has discussed about the agreements that will see the new workers will be salaried between $22 and $24 per hour.

Dino Chiodo of CAW Local 444 said it's less than what Allied Workers had been making, but Chrysler maintained on getting help to set up the new $11-million business.

Chiodo said that they have deliberately sat down with them and went over the entire agreement and talked about the requirement to at least to have a decent paying job. At the same time they did what is necessary in order for Chrysler to get into the business.

David Skidmore a past Allied employee who helped in the discussion of the agreements.

Skidmore said that it will be the best that we could do and is hopeful about the new transportation business will grow and create more jobs.

Around 300 workers in the area were laid off when Allied got into a contract argument with Chrysler, GM and Toyota.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Easy Way to Choose an Auto Transport Company

If you have the right information then it will be easy for you to choose an auto transport company. The very first thing while choosing an auto transport company is to check the company’s insurance coverage. If you have chosen companies then ask for a copy of their coverage. If in case the company you have chosen is not in the position to provide this vital information while your car is being transported, then you could surely meet some concern. Also ensure that the company is bonded and are properly licensed.

The second thing that has to be taken into account while selecting an auto transport company is to check how long have they been in this business. It’s constantly best to bond with a business for your auto transport requirements that has been in business for at least 2 to 3 years. This makes you to know about the longevity of the business and they will be there if you have any problems with your auto transport. Have a regular look with auto transport review news site. Choose the auto transport company that will provide you high-quality service at a reasonable price.