Monday, July 25, 2011

Latest Ford Mustang For First Time

Ford to get Famous Muscle Car for first time, A big slice of America is crossing the Atlantic: The Ford Mustang is caption to UK showrooms, Auto Express can reveal. To agree with the muscle car’s 50th anniversary in 2014, Ford will launch it across the world and in right-hand drive for the first time. Sources have exposed that dealers are being told to prepare for its arrival. The newcomer will sit at the top of the range at the side of regular models such as the Fiesta and Focus in dealerships. It will be the most European-friendly version of the car ever but will still be a proper Mustang, with V8s for the fastest models. The Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo previously follow this approach, and it means there is a business case for producing Right-hand-drive Mustangs in the States and shipping them to Europe.

But the UK won’t be the only right-hand-drive market the car is obtainable in; Australia and Japan will take the car, too. For the first time, it’s set to feature independent back suspension. As on the Chevrolet Camaro, this set-up replaces the decades-old live back axle of the current car, and should mean better ride comfort and traction. Power supply will come from a new 2.5-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost turbo with around 300bhp, while a range-topping 500bhp 5.4-litre V8 will be available, too. Six-speed manual and Auto transmissions are probable to be offered with torque vectoring to keep the performance in check, while the handling is expected to be tuned by Jost Capito and his group at Ford’s Global Performance Vehicles limb.

The move to make the Mustang a world car will be contentious. Bosses will require treading carefully so as not to alienate the model’s huge fan base – nearly 75,000 examples were sold in the US in 2010 – and still appealing to discerning UK buyers used to the BMW 3-Series Coupe and Audi A5. But with Vauxhall’s VXR8, and the Monaro before it, proving that there’s room for powerful muscle cars in the line-up of a mainstream creator, Ford will be confident of success.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Car shipping companies are affected by soaring gas prices

With the economy in the dumps and no end in sight, gas prices are highly explosive, and the effect is being felt particularly hard by car shipping companies nationwide. With the average price per gallon above $3.50, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), companies that transport goods of any kind have to move up prices to stay in business.

Not only the car shipping industry has been affected by soaring gas prices, the cost of goods at supermarkets and on store shelves around the world are opening to climb proportionately to the change in oil prices. Car shipping rates are climbing steadily, which can make it difficult for companies to compete, and equally difficult for consumers to pay for auto shipping services.

The difference in shipping prices depends on the size of the car shipping company, and how well they can take up the excess costs. Obviously the smaller companies are mainly affected by this increase in business expenses, and they will be out of business far sooner than large, national corporations. The larger car shipping companies will not increase their prices nearly as much, which will result in fewer profits, but sustained their business operations.

Many auto transporters price their bids months before vehicles are planned to be shipped, so if gas prices rise between those dates, the company can end up losing money on the deal. Many car shipping companies quote low amount in order to get the job and already make little profits, but they are now seeing their profits margin shrink even further.

Luckily, there are many large car shipping companies with a long history of success, even in times of economic unsteadiness.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A-1 Auto Transport providing a free auto insurance quote service

A-1 Auto Transport has taken yet a new step towards providing complete customer satisfaction this week by adding a free auto insurance quote service to their website.

In accordance with their mission to provide their users with the most complete and reliable auto transport experience possible, A-1 Auto Transport is continually on the lookout for ways to improve their services, and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

A-1 Auto Transport has been providing free auto transport and household moving quotes to their users for quite some time now, but their most recent move to offer free auto insurance quote services simply solidifies their current standing as an innovative force in the auto transport industry. This new insurance quoting service could prove to be extremely helpful to their users who are moving out of state.

When any such move is made, it is necessary that you change your auto insurance to be in compliance with state regulations. A-1 Auto Transport is now able to suggest its users multiple quotes from qualified insurance providers at no cost.

Every state has differing policies concerning minimum insurance requirements, and it's important that you have the necessary insurance policy set in place before you start driving the streets of your new home.

Through A-1 Auto Transport's new insurance service, you'll be able to get multiple quotes from competing insurance companies in your area, ensuring that you get the lowest rates with the most coverage possible.

So rather than having to deal with the hassle of scouring the internet for the right insurance provider, you can have all of your requirements met right on the A-1 Auto Transport website.

Budget Business Class – A Journey to a New World

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ShipCarsNow Offers Mobile Application for Auto Transport

ShipCarsNow aims to offer dealers and remarketers the facility to access auto transport quotes from their smart phones via its new mobile application.

ShipCarsNow Mobile provides shippers with the facility to make quick, informed purchase decisions when buying wholesale inventory, noted the company.

The application is accessible free of charge for phone and Android smart phones and will be available soon for Blackberry devices, it added.

Users can utilize ShipCarsNow Mobile to login to ShipCarsNow website to get price quotes, track shipments and access the company’s sales representatives.

When sourcing inventory, the facility to quickly identify shipping costs during the purchasing process is critical to maintaining healthy profit margins," the company stressed.

In addition to instant price quotes, the application offers users with a link to register with the website for lower, preferred customer rates and to access auto transport tips and industry news.

The new ShipCarsNow mobile application demonstrates our continued dedication to making auto transport easy for auto traders,” said Roland Fortner, president of ShipCarsNow.

It is a great complement to online services and offers auto traders mobile access to instant auto shipping quotes while they’re bidding on cars at auction, he concluded.

Moreover, ShipCarsNow Mobile will continue to release new feature in the future, focusing on provided that fast and easy to use tools for shipping cars nationwide, according to the company.

ShipCarsNow was establish by transportation company Union Pacific in 2006 to suggest multimodal auto shipping services and options, such as economical rail, expedited truck and overseas vessel service.