Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thriving Of Auto Car Market

Auto Car Market flourishes before the presence of controls in Vietnam. Improving the transportation, constructing more parking lots, relating necessary measures to simplify the traffic blocking and creating positive conditions for the expansion of the automobile industry are all the ideas by the EuroCham in Vietnam. But the ideas prove to be divergent to the measures selected by confined authorities of big cities to limit the expansion of private cars – raising fees and charges.

Confined authorities have been demanding to limit the private vehicles by raising the car ownership registration tax and the number plate granting fees. However, the order for cars of Vietnamese people stays very high in the eyes of car manufacturers.

Akito Tachibana the General Director of Toyota Vietnam said that the private car market segment has been observing superb growth, in spite of the difficulties of the market in general in early November 2011. He expected that around 145,000 cars would be sold in 2011.

Analysts have remarked that the progress of people are quickening to buy cars in the last days of the year shows that the financial complexities in 2011 are not a big difficulty for consumers who want to buy cars. Of course, car producers now worried about their production plan for 2012, because the car prices tend to increase, while the financial difficulties still stay alive.

EuroCham said that the Vietnam should evade adjusting tax policies frequently, because this will poorly have an effect on the steadiness of the automobile industry.

To sum up automobile producers have only the information about the introduction of tariff roadmap until 2014, while there has been no information for the period 2015-2018.