Monday, April 18, 2011

Insurance Protection For Your Vehicle Form The Auto Shipping Companies

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As is known to all, auto transport is a risky affair as any vehicle that is shipped is susceptible to dents, scratches and/or other forms of damage. The only assured way to protect the likely damages that occur to your vehicle during shipping is to go for auto transport insurance. Auto shipping insurance also protects your car from natural calamities as also the vagaries of the weather.

Insurance policies offered by various car transport companies may be different.It is essential that you ascertain from the auto shipping company what types of damages will be covered if the vehicle is impaired during the shipping process. If you consider the coverage provided by the auto transport company to be inadequate, you can find out if it is possible to buy an additional coverage.

Further it is necessary for you to know which parts of the vehicle will be covered in case of an accident and more importantly, the insurance coverage offered by the auto transport company should also protect you against vehicle theft. One important factor that should weigh with you before choosing an auto transport company is the amount of insurance coverage that will be provided by them.

Most reputed and frontline auto transporters that are licensed and bonded auto transport companies will ensure safe shipping and will carry proper insurance so that they can quickly reimburse your damage claims. Only a few auto transport companies guarantees proper insurance coverage for vehicles and ensures that full coverage is provided in the event of damages to the vehicle during its custody.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Revamped website

Redesigned website

A-1 Auto Transport newly launches a fresh redesigned website mainly focusing on user knowledge. Accordingly the site is now trouble-free to find the way and contains the best income for the customers transporting their cars. Consumer of the site is talented to contact international and conjugal auto carrying quotes.

Associations on the site supply user’s information about the auto transport industry before shipping their automobile. The site also offers the real-time satellite path and a business blog, permitting the customers to post their remarks and ideas.

Sometimes clients may not know how to arrange their car for shipping or how to approach car shipping legal contracts for their auto transport services. The new website has a great quantity of skilled information so that the customers can have an improved understanding in the process of auto transportation in order to save both time and money.

This company has been operating for more than 20 years and at present owns more than 30 car carriers in more than 40 workstation facilities located in the United States.

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