Friday, February 4, 2011

New Bill Introduced For Teen Drivers

Pennsylvania lawmakers have re-introduced a proposition in the state House that would ban hand-held cell phone use for all drivers and impose rigid rules for teen drivers.

State Rep. Josh Shapiro, D-153, said on Monday “I’m going to be fighting very, very hard in my time in the House to get this done,” in an interview at the Montgomery County Courthouse.

He was at the courthouse for a press conference discussing his run for county commissioner this year.

The latest proposal, House Bill 67, which set passenger and cell phone restrictions for teen drivers, and House Bill 2070, which set cell phone restrictions for adults.

In the latest perturb driving proposal, drivers fewer than 18 would not be permitted to use a hand-held or hands-free cell phone and would be prohibited from text messaging.

But for Adult drivers the latest proposal, barred to using hand-held devices and text messaging but could use a cell phone if a hands-free device is used.

Irreverence of the proposed law would be considered a primary offense, meaning police could stop a person for that violation alone

The bill will be bringing up to the House Transportation Committee for review. Before it is considered for a vote before the full House, the bill could be subject to hearings in the committee.

Overall 6.5 of 15 basic safe driving laws and only 3.5 of the 7 laws it proposes for safe teen driving.

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