Friday, February 26, 2010

UK motorists get 25% discounts if they purchase electric cars

Motorists will get up to 5,000 (S$10,800) towards the purchase price of a plug-in electric vehicle, the UK government has declared. The grant will be obtainable to the buyer at the point of purchase, and will be available by January 2011, by which time the government expects a series of such cars to be available.

The offer amounts to 25% of the buy price, capped at 5,000 pounds, and are part of a 230 million pound investment. The contribution will be offered to purchasers of plug-in electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The Department for Transport has said that only vehicles that have established compliance with performance and safety criteria will be eligible for the money.

Plug-in hybrids must emit less than 75g/km CO2 and have an electric range of 10 miles, whereas electric vehicles must be emissions free and travel for at least 75 miles on battery power to qualify.

They must all have a highest speed of 60mph (about 96kmh) and offer a lowest of a three year warranty. No specific vehicles were declared by the DfT, but the likes of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Nissan Leaf are likely to be included.

Mitsubishi's UK managing director, Lance Bradley, said: We are delighted with this news. We are now tolerant customer orders for the i-MiEV with deliveries for January 2011. A total of 30 million pounds has also been allocated for a network of electric vehicle hubs, to be called Plugged-In Places.

The Plugged-In Places will give the charge points to support these vehicles - demonstrating how electric vehicle charging works in perform in a range of different settings - urban, suburban and regional - as well as testing pioneering technologies such as rapid charging, inductive charging and battery swap, said business minister Pat McFadden.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Low carbon vehicle strategy enhanced by grants

Motorists could obtain up to £5,000 from the government to buy an electric vehicle.

The Department for Transport declared the venture today (February 25th), which will see London, Milton Keynes and the north east gain over 11,000 vehicle recharging points throughout the next three years.

Those wanting to buy the cars will be proficient to claim the £5,000 grant at the point of purchase.

In total, the government is investing £450 million into the low carbon vehicle strategy in order to hit UK targets to decrease carbon emissions from transport.

It is hoped that the UK will happen to one of the major markets and exporters of electric vehicles.

Pat McFadden, the business minister, said: Low carbon vehicles are an vital part of the broader shift to a low carbon economy.

We have already dedicated £450m to delivering our motivated vision of supporting suppliers of low carbon technology, hopeful demand from consumers and enabling lead UK cities and regions to switch on charging infrastructure.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Honda 3R-C Model

Honda 3R-C Concept, a radical three wheeled battery electric vehicle concept, shows what a future minimal urban transport Vehicle for one person might look like. The battery electric drivetrain is mounted low in the three wheeled chassis, so keeping the centre of gravity low and thus improving stability.

The Honda 3R-C Concept has an apparent canopy that covers the driver's seat while it is parked and not in use. When 3R-C vehicle is in motion, the canopy becomes an enveloping wind-shield that provides the pilot, who sits low in the vehicle, with major protection from the bodywork and doors.

The high sides of the safety shell seat give greater safety to the inhabitant, reducing the threat from side impacts and improving weather protection. In front of the driver is a lockable boot area, which gives major secure storage for luggage or other items. The Honda 3R-C Concept's designers created a supple cover that surrounds the upper torso to reduce exposure to bad weather and improving comfort.

The Honda 3R-C Concept study was created by European designers operational at Honda's Research and Design facility in Milan.

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Jack up interior license system

The conclusion by Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele to expand the ending period of the learner's licence by 6 months to 2 years is welcome news for a lot of frustrated by long delay in the booking system.

Expansion should ease tension between the Ministry and Gauteng magistrate Daniel Thulare, who put the spanner in the workings early this month by advice holders of learner's licences to drive without licences provide they can prove their documents expire after they had try to be tested many times to no avail.

Still, we believe the Minister will soon be surprised to find there is still delay despite the addition, thanks to the booking system itself which is manipulated by persons acting in cahoots with driving schools to coerce the public to pay an extra fee to secure scarcely available slots.
Thus, jacking up of interior systems is still wanted to solve the problem once and for all.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mandoza crash car scam

The crashed car, in which kwaito star Mandoza was found a week ago, has led to the arrest of eight people. The car is register in the name of a human being who lives in Venda, Limpopo. His name is known to Sowetan.

The Mini Cooper, in which the hurt Mandoza was found, is believed to be registered under a false name. Eight men were under arrest on Thursday intended for their alleged involvement in a benefit fraud syndicate after the crash.

They appear in court yesterday on fraud charges. The case was delayed to next week.

  1. Nkululeko Bobo Ncube-33(Mandoza's friend)
  2. Dumisani Khumalo-33
  3. Nhlanhla Khumalo-33
  4. Danny Maposi-40
  5. Leesah Rah-35
  6. Ayanda Dladla-29
  7. Khumba Sibanda-31 and
  8. Mzwandile Sibanda-32.

At the crash picture in Weltevreden Park on the West Rand previous week Ncube said he owned the car.

Hawks spokesperson Musa Zondi said the men supposedly stole people’s identity books, took out loans at banks to buy property and vehicles that were later resold.

Police said Mandoza was in the back seat, while his friend – the alleged owner of the car - arrived on the scene 45 minutes later behind the police had called him. Zondi said Mandoza was not linked to the study at the moment and was not under arrest.

A case of wild and careless driving was opened previous week. Zondi said benefit and identity fraud was of great concern to the Hawks.

The major case, he said, was in Silverton, Pretoria. He said it was likely that more people might be under arrest as the investigations continued.

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Hyundai establishes car exports to Australia

Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL) has said that it was convinced of adding ten new markets to its export map in 2010 and now its cars are sent to 110 countries.

As part of an idea to step up its overseas footprint, the company had already commenced exports to Australia with an initial consignment of 500 cars. It is optimistic of exporting to Australia around 15,000 cars annually.

The company, on Monday, flagged off a fresh export batch of cars. In the process, it became the first car company to export one million cars. It starts its export quest in 1990 with an export of 20 cars to Nepal. It fractious the half-a-million car export-mark in March 2008. And, it has taken slight under two years to ship out of India another half-a-million cars.

Addressing a press conference here to mark this highlight, H. W. Park, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said that in less than a decade HMIL had become a leading exporter of passenger cars with a market share of 66 per cent of the total car export from the country. In this perspective, he also said that HMIL had become the biggest operation of Hyundai Motor outside Korea.

In revenue terms, HMIL's exports encompassed 35 per cent of car exports in 2006. This increase to 50 per cent in 2008 and stood at 48 per cent in 2009.

To a question, he said around 68 per cent of the company's exports was to Europe and comprised mostly i10 and i20 cars. Mr. Saxena said that HMIL excessively was working on a car, smaller than Santro.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

SUV, pickup crash on Route 940

One person was flown to regional trauma center behind a two-vehicle wreck in Hazle Township, Sunday evening.

Scott Kostician, Hazle Township fire chief, said a gold Mitsubishi sport utility vehicle and a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck crashed at Hillside Drive and state Route 940 around 4:45 p.m., close to the former Turkey Hill.

He said the male driver of the SUV had to be removed by firefighters and was flown to a hospital for chest and head injuries. The driver of the truck, he said, sustained sensible head injuries.

The SUV had severe damage on the driver's side and the truck sustained harsh damage on the passenger side and front end, both vehicles were towed.

State police at Hazleton were investigating and didn't release particulars of the accident by press time.

American Patient Transport Systems also retorted and the fire department helped direct traffic.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Truck dealership chain develops auto transport business

Mack and Volvo truck dealership chain TEC Equipment, based in Portland, OR, has signed a dealership concord with Cottrell Inc. To sell Cottrell-brand auto transport equipment and related parts at TEC's Portland location, as well as propose service and repair at the same location.

TEC said it plan to expand Cottrell sales and service to one or more of its seven other dealerships in Oregon, Nevada and California. TEC noted it opened as full service Auto Transport equipment division in 2001, rising fast into one of the largest auto transport equipment dealerships in North America for all makes of equipment, together with Cottrell, Boydstun and Sun Valley.

David Thompson TEC’s president and CEO said that with the totaling of the Cottrell product lineup, our auto transport equipment division has come full circle. The relationships tolerate us to expand market presence while opening the Western U.S. market to Cottrell parts, service and sales.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toyota faces innovative US investigation

Japanese carmaker Toyota is facing a new US investigation into complaints of steering troubles in its Corolla model. The investigation is predictable to be opened on Thursday and will involve an estimated 500,000 vehicles.

It is already facing an investigation into whether it was rapid enough in recalling cars over problems involving accelerator and braking systems. Toyota said on Wednesday that it was looking into complaints of influence steering problems with the Corolla.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says it has acknowledged more than 150 complaints about possible steering problems in the 2009-2010 Corolla.

Toyota sold nearly 1.3 million of the models worldwide last year, as well as about 300,000 in the US.

Toyota is facing another US investigation into whether it was rapid enough in recalling millions of cars over problems involving accelerator pedals and braking systems.

It has starved of any cover-up and says it will co-operate to provide all the information they have requested on the US inquiry. The saga began in the US with reports that accelerator pedals were getting wedged under the floor mats.

The Japanese car massive began recalling vehicles potentially affected by that problem in October last year and Toyota then redesigned the mats. The floor mat issues precious a number of vehicles in the US, but not in the UK.

Shortly, separate acceleration troubles were found to be caused by the pedal sticking. This was then followed by the recall of about 436,000 hybrid vehicles, as well as the Prius model, over brake concerns.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Anti-terror buggy' exposed by firm in India

A mini armored car, designed for use in cramped spaces such as airports and hotels targeted in terror attacks, has gone on display at an Indian arms fair.

The battery operated, two million rupee ($45,000) Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (Atac) is said to look like a bullet-proof golf buggy with firing ports. It has been specifically designed to transport two armed security personnel during or after terror attacks. It was formed in the wake of the Mumbai (Bombay) hotel attacks of 2008.

The attacks in November 2008 took place in two luxury hotels with gunmen enclosed by security forces for about 60 hours. One hundred and sixty-five people were killed in the attacks, as well as nine gunmen.

The company after the cart, Metaltech Motor Bodies Pvt Ltd, said the Atac had been designed in the aftermath of the attacks. It can extract civilians or slot in terrorists, Metaltech managing director JB Sehrawat told the AFP news agency.

It's a product of our intellect of helplessness over the casualties we took in the attacks. We put our heads and hearts mutually and came up with the Atac.

It weighs just less than half a tonne, has bullet-proof windows and contains numerous firing ports. Besides it is able to negotiate corridors and lifts. Metaltech says the squat and heavily armored vehicle can also withstand grenade blasts and last for six hours on a single charge - with a top speed of 25km/h (15mph).

The company said it was offering a prototype of the vehicle, which drew ovation from visitors and military scientists attending the arms fair in Delhi, for trials with the sponsors of the Commonwealth Games, due to be seized in the city in November.

India has had to support foreign countries that those games and next month's hockey World Cup in Delhi will be safe and free of terror attacks. Given the rising threats, we need nano-engineering such as the Atac, Metaltech Vice President SW Thatte said.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Echo of the past - Maruti Eeco car

Maruti hasn't set up the mini-van platform and Maruti Eeco is proof. It is a Versa with slight changes to the exterior, says Ashish Masih

So you deliberation the Versa was dead. Not quite, Maruti isn't giving up on the mini-van platform just as yet and here's evidence. The car maker determined to update the 1.3-litre petrol shared till just with the Swift. It's been downsized to 1.2 litres from 1.3 and there are other changes as well to make it meet Bharat Stage IV emission norms, which come into outcome from April this year.

One look at the Eeco, and it's immediately obvious that this is the same Versa with minor changes to the exteriors. The head- and tail-lamps have slight modifications as do the bumpers, which improve the looks. But there is no getting away from the information that this is a boxy design. The narrow 155-section tyres which come on 13-inch rims look small when compared to the elevated dimensions, giving the car a very odd stance.

Step inside and you'll directly appreciate the fact that you do not have to crouch or bend to get into the cabin — you simply walk into it.

The dashboard is same to the Alto in design. There's a big scoop above the glovebox to stay items in and very similar AC vents as well. The steering wheel is also rented from the Alto. Generally quality is poor — the plastic on the seat-recline knob came off on our vehicle.

If you are looking for any being comforts, you will be disappointed. While there's a choice of five or seven seats, there are no power windows, no power steering and no middle locking. In fact, in its bid to be costs low, Maruti won't be present boot or fuel release buttons inside the cabin. Both will have to be physically opened with the key. You do get an AC and heater on the five-seater however. The high-set seats offer a highest view of the road and this, combined with the huge glass area; make the cabin feel bigger than it actually is.

The 1.2-litre engine conveys 73bhp of power. While engine alteration is never an issue, its positioning below the seats means that the cabin gets loud when you rev hard. Power delivery is good, but you will need to rev the car a bit to obtain going, particularly with a full complement of passengers. The gearbox is a brittle unit, offering short throws and a positive shift. The gear lever has been rented from the Alto too.

The positive gearing along with the light clutch make driving a wind.

The fact that the engine lies below the front seats and not straight above the wheels means that there is very little weight on the front tyres. So you won't actually miss the power steering, except when reversing into a tight spot. The steering delivers abundance of information from the road. However, the short wheelbase and the detail that the occupants sit directly over the front and rear axle mean that the ride is bumpy on anything less than smooth roads. Even the smallest of gaps are felt in the cabin.

The five-seater option comes with a enormous loading area, which is ideal for carrying large items, making the Eeco a great vehicle for activities such as moving house.

Costs for the Eeco start at Rs. 2.59 lakh for the base five-seater and go up to Rs. 2.90 lakh for the AC variant. This certainly makes the Eeco the cheapest point A-to-B mode if you want to transport more than five people and their luggage.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Toyota evoke hybrids for brakes

437,000 vehicles: Problem stanch from software issue, carmaker says

Toyota Motor Corp. implemented another enormous recall of nearly half a million of its hybrid vehicles yesterday, including the latest version of its popular Prius model, after an issue arose with the braking systems in the vehicles.

The latest recall at Toyota, affecting 4,37,000 of its hybrids worldwide, involves the sophisticated technologies contained in their computer-controlled braking systems that cause an "inconsistent feel" at times when the vehicle is travelling at low speeds on slick or rough surfaces.

The sensation is triggered by a 0.2- to 0.3-second lag when the vehicle shifts between its regenerative braking systems to the standard hydraulic system, said Marc Stuyver, Toyota Canada's complex technology and powertrain manager.

The regenerative braking system is used at low speeds to both slow the vehicle and confine the energy created in the braking process to recharge the vehicle's batteries, Stuyver said. The problem arises when the vehicle's anti-lock braking system causes the tire to slip slightly after a hit triggering the hydraulic system, he added.

You will sense a change in the rate of deceleration, which, in engineering terms, we call a jerk, Stuyver said. At no position are you not braking. In order to stick the issue, Toyota will implement software fix on the recalled vehicles that will decrease the sensitivity of the system that causes the hydraulic system to kick in and should eradicate the issue without compromising safety, Stuyver said.

Ford Motor Co. announced a similar problem with its Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids last week. But unlike Toyota, Ford said it will realize a software patch as part of a "customer satisfaction program" on 17,600 vehicles, including about 1,000 in Canada, rather than a formal recall.

The U.S. Department of Transportation also announced a official investigation into the braking system on the Prius. As a result, Toyota announced yesterday that it will recall exaggerated 2010 models of its Prius, Sai, Prius plug-in hybrids and Lexus HS 250hs to implement the software fix, including almost 3,300 Prius vehicles and more than 300 Lexus vehicles in Canada.

This isn't a recall since there is something wrong with the system. This is a recall because some of the customers feel unease because of that lag, said Sandy Di Felice, a Toyota Canada orator.
U.S. officials obtain more than 30,000 consumer complaints a year, and launch 100 similar investigations to one launched on the Prius last week.

The problem (Toyota has) is that it only takes one exemption to disprove the rule. If your rule is that the car is absolutely safe and you have one accident, well then it's not safe, said Chris Piper, a management professor at the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Transport optimization Company Paragon Software Systems demonstrate at Commercial Vehicle Operator Show

Transport managers looking to optimize use of their vehicle fleet and resources can see the latest developments from Paragon Software Systems at the forthcoming Commercial Vehicle Operator Show. Running from 13 to 15 April 2010 at NEC Birmingham, visitors are invited to meet Paragon's experts on stand number 5970 to learn how operators worldwide are benefiting from the company's superior logistics software.

Paragon will demonstrate the latest versions of its user-friendly Single Depot and Multi Depot map-based routing and development products. These automate and simplify the arduous task of creating and managing exact transport plans. Both versions of the software remove the guesswork and reliance on being schedulers and bring new operational efficiencies and savings to any size of commercial vehicle operation. The Multi Depot version delivers the further benefit of a single enterprise-wide system that schedulers can access from various locations.

The latest developments include Paragon's Resource Manager which gives a bird's eye view of all drivers and vehicles with their accessibility and capabilities. The sophisticated resource-managed planning solution compiles data about all drivers and vehicles used by a company, including their availability and hours worked each day. Transport managers use this information to create Working Time Directive (WTD) yielding schedules with even workloads that limit use of agency drivers and vehicles. By leveling driver workloads over a period, this reduces overtime costs and the need for extra agency drivers, as well as giving transport managers better flexibility at peak times.

Meanwhile to improve transport planning advance, Paragon is offering an option to utilize ITIS-based road speed data. The Paragon enhancement incorporates road data as well as a calculated average speed, for each direction, at road link level. This is based on a narration of notes of vehicles travelling on that road link. It means route plans will be more sensible and hence both more accurate for transport managers and more acceptable to drivers. This upgrading is useful both for companies using Paragon to plan their daily delivery operations and the many third party logistics companies using it to quote for new business.

Vehicle operators are also able to incorporate real-time feeds from their vehicle tracking systems with Paragon planning using the Fleet Controller module. The real-time position of each vehicle can be compared against the plan, allowing it to be rescheduled as the day's work progresses. Benefits include routine updates of delivery times for customers and enhanced Duty of Care. In addition, because vehicles are monitored live on screen and plans are refined using real world data, promote reductions in fuel usage and road miles can be achieved.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inmates, deputy upset when Pasco jail truck overturns

LAND O'LAKES - A transport vehicle carrying Pasco County jail inmates upturned just before 2 p.m. Tuesday on rain-slick U.S. 41 south of State Road 52, not far from the jail.

All of the inmates were accounted for, according to Pasco sheriff's orator Kevin Doll. Six inmates and the jail deputy who was driving were hurt and all were taken to hospitals.

Three of the inmates were predictable to be treated and released back to the jail Tuesday. Of the other inmates, one was in fair condition, one in serious and one was in dangerous, Doll said.

He said he had no information on the deputy's stipulation.

The inmates were "trusties" — low-risk inmates with some work rights — who were returning to the jail from a county work aspect. Doll would not say precisely what work they were doing.

The names of inmates and the deputy were not unconfined.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the reason of the single-vehicle crash. The vehicle was a military workhorse identified as a "deuce and a half," because it could carry 2 1/2 tons.

The Sheriff's Office bought the 1995 vehicle for $3,500 last year from federal excess for the jail's farming program. It spent $7,660 more to fix it up — sandblasting off the disguise and painting it white with the sheriff's gold star.

The back of the truck was open, like a surprise, with a frame of metal bars and a canvas covering it. Capt. Michael Ferrantelli, administrative division commander for the jail, said the inmates were not shackled or handcuffed throughout transportation.

In September, the St. Petersburg Times ran a story about the vehicle, which was thought to replace the need for three to four pickups on their last legs at the jail. The truck could drag tons of feed for the jail's pig farm. It possibly will transport inmates and citizens in disasters.

This vehicle was built to endure the rigors of war, said Major Brian Head, who runs the jail, in the legend. He lauded the strength of the vehicle — saying it was strong, roadworthy and that it would outlast our careers.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waterbus back after trial hitch

Stagecoach has resumed testing of an amphibious bus service in Glasgow after technical troubles halted the first trial

The "amfibus" was grounded less than an hour after taking to the River Clyde on Monday when an airbag popped out from part of the postponement. Trials resumed on Tuesday behind repairs to the £700,000 Dutch-made vehicle.

The bus runs like a normal coach on the road but when in water uses a hull to float and is motorized by twin jets.

It is one of numerous schemes which could be used to restore a ferry service between Renfrew and Yoker, which is to be scrapped by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport in March to save money.

Stagecoach said the "amfibus" would run by road from Braehead to the Renfrew ferry slipway, cross the Clyde to Yoker and afterward travel by road to Clydebank. Stagecoach spokesman Steve Stewart said: "We consideration that the bus would be particularly matched to linking the two sides of the Clyde where you can have one seamless journey from one side to the other.

We often look at our rivers and estuaries and see them as a bit of a barrier to travel but we really think they can be a link between two communities. Stagecoach said an "amfibus" had only ever been used in the UK for relaxation and excursions and never for commuters. Mr Stewart said the technical trial would continue regardless of the problems during Monday's test.

We had a pair of trips very easily back and forward across the Clyde but when we came back on one of the journeys part of the deferral which involves an airbag popped out so we are going to have to do some work to put that back in, he said.

But its all element of the challenges that you face when you have a technical trial and that will go back into the assessment process.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Electric cars be not so eco-friendly

A latest report has claimed that an increase in electric cars is probable to lead to more electricity production from coal, gas and nuclear plants, without necessarily reducing oil demand for conventional cars

Putting more electric cars on the road may increase CO2 emissions, three foremost environmental lobby groups said on Monday - issuing a warning to the European Union as it prepares to maintain the new technology.

Electric cars are seen as a way for European car producers to improve their green credentials and build up a technology that would permit them to keep in front of the competition. European governments, sequentially, expect this would allow them to reverse a trend of job cuts in what is currently an ailing industry.

Though, a report by Dutch consultancy CE Delft, backed by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth Europe and Transport & Environment, claims that "under current policies, an increase in (electric cars) is probable to lead to more electricity production from coal, gas and nuclear plants, without essentially reducing oil demand for conventional cars." The three groups call for the abolition of so-called super-credits in the EU's laws on car emissions, which permit manufactures to add up electric cars as zero-emission vehicles, serving them meet generally pollution targets for their entire model line-up.

Unless current rules are altered, the report claims, growing sales of electric cars "may then lead to abridged efforts to improve the energy efficiency of conventional (...) cars with the result that (they) will possibly not reduce oil consumption and CO2 emissions in the transport sector." EU industry ministers are set to meet on Tuesday in San Sebastian, Spain, to endorse an action plan for the development of electric vehicles. The plan was presented in January as a top precedence for Spain’s EU presidency, planned to run until June 30.

The CE Delft report says that CO2 emissions over the whole car production chain — the so-called 'well-to-wheel' cycle — would increase if electric vehicles were to be powered by lignite-derived electricity.

They would fall "significantly" if gas-fired power plants were used instead, and be abridged to "near zero if carbon-free renewable energy (were to be) used." The environmental groups, consequently, want the EU and national governments to make sure electric cars are charged with electricity produced from renewable energy sources, for instance wind and solar power.
To accomplish this, they propose fitting 'smart meters' that would automatically identify 'renewable energy' to every electric car.

We need elegant electric vehicles that cooperate with smart electricity grids so cars can blame up on green power. Dump electric vehicles plugged into a dump electricity grid would merely add demand for coal and nuclear power and drive us away from a sustainable energy future, said Greenpeace's Franziska Achterberg.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

List Of Auto Shipping Companies

Auto shipping is the transport of a vehicle from a seller in one place to a buyer in another place. This includes country to country auto shipping as well as state to state car shipping.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ford India to sell overseas Figo, engines to South Africa

The Indian arm of global auto maker Ford Motor will shortly initiate exports of its small car Figo and diesel and petrol engines to South Africa and Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) countries, the company said Friday.

"We will be shipping out wholly built Figo and engines (diesel and petrol) to South Africa and Asean countries," said Ford India president and managing director Michael Boneham after launch of the company's new engine plant near here.

The actual volumes will rely on the require in the domestic as well as abroad markets, he added.
At the same time, Boneham admitted that the Indian subsidiary is not gainful.

The new engine plant, with an annual manufacture capacity of 250,000 units, is element of Ford India's $500 million expansion project, which incorporated doubling of its existing car production capacity to 200,000 units yearly.

Major portion of the investment expend that was announced has been made. The remaining portion will be invested soon, Boneham added.

He said the local component substance in petrol and diesel engines will be 60 percent and 80 percent correspondingly.

The stretchy production line can make 1.2 litre, 1.4 litre and 1.6 litre petrol and diesel engines, with a incessant mixed flow and not batch built. The plant can make up to 10 types of engines.
With the commence of Figo and plans to launch a new model every 12 or 18 months, Boneham expects the capacity utilization to go up from the last year's levels of 30 percent.With a capability of 100,000 units Ford India rolled out 30,000 units in 2009.

Figo, to battle beside the likes of Swift and i20, will be commercially launched next month.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

New models are reviewed for Toyota’s auto troubles

Local Toyota dealers got active Thursday installing a fix for accelerator pedal issues on models precious by a recent recall as the automaker worked to restore its standing.

Hudiburg Toyota in Midwest City established about 400 parts and had finished at least 50 repairs, said Jim Patch, the dealership’s general manager. The majorities were customers’ cars but four were new vehicles, each in a different model, to make them offered for test drives.

The recall took 55 percent of the dealership’s new vehicles rotten the lot, he said. The parts release Thursday morning was good news.We’re eager regarding repairs and starting to sell that inventory, he said.All the dealership’s technicians have been taught to complete the repair and the dealership has supplementary help to schedule appointments.

Toyota is facing two major recalls in the U.S. of millions of vehicles that involve gas pedals that can get intent under floor mats or grow to be stuck on their own.

The recalls, as well as a new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigate into brake problems with the 2010 Prius gas-electric hybrid; challenge Toyota’s long-standing status for safe, quality vehicles.

And untimely today, Japan’s top business newspaper reported that Toyota will recall 270,000 Prius hybrid vehicles in excess of brake problems in the United States and Japan.In full-page newspaper ads this week, Toyota apologized to its customers and guaranteed that it will do all it can to make things right. Dealers have been asked to work comprehensive hours — even operating 24/7 — to complete repairs.

Fowler Toyota in Norman also established accelerator pedal parts Thursday and starts repairs. Customers have called with concerns, but up to now, none were concerned enough about driving their vehicle to recognize a loaner car, said Mike Fowler, chief executive of Fowler Auto Group.

I’m confident as a dealer that if Toyota says this will fix the problem that it will stick the problem. Confidently, we’ll have this over and behind us pretty quick, he said.

Toyota owner Isaac Koehn said he still has trust in Toyota as a company and that the concern with the gas pedals "is not a big deal.”A Toyota spokesman said Thursday the automaker is cooperating entirely with an NHTSA probe into the brake problems with the 2010 Prius.

Earlier Thursday, the security agency said it opened an study into the Prius, saying it had established 124 reports from consumers about its brakes, as well as four reports of crashes. The government is investigating reports that antilock brakes can fail on some 2010 models in slick conditions or rough roads.

The company says it altered the 2010 braking system last month to accurate cars in production. The company has not made a choice about cars on the road.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amphibious bus could substitute Clyde ferry service

A bus that can pass through on roads and water is to be trialled on the River Clyde next week.
The £700,000 Dutch-made "amfibus" will be tested on the water among Renfrew and Yoker on Monday.

Operator Stagecoach said it could ultimately replace the presented ferry service on the route which is to be scrapped from March due to costs.

The vehicle runs like a common coach on the road but when in water uses a hull to float and is motorized by twin jets.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) which operates the 500-year-old Renfrew to Yoker ferry service designated to withdraw it last month as part of wider moves to save £2.5m from next year's budget.

If the experiment of the "amfibus" proves victorious it would be the first use in the UK of such a vehicle for commuters, as before the technology has only been used for freedom and excursions.
Stagecoach held it would run by road from Braehead to the Renfrew ferry slipway, irritated the Clyde to Yoker and after that journey by road to Clydebank.

The amphibious bus can bear up to 50 passengers and attain a speed of eight knots. It will not be open to fare-paying customers throughout the trial demonstration.

Brian Souter, Stagecoach Group chief executive said that this is an exciting transport project that would provide a seamless bus link among two important local communities.

Passengers can use the 'amfibus' to travel over road and water exclusive of having to leave the console of their seat to change from a bus to a ferry.

It shows the probable of Scotland's rivers and estuaries to be connect rather than barriers to travel and we are looking further to testing the technology on the Clyde.

The company has already agreed out tests of the "amfibus" in Rotterdam.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Toyota President Avoids Media Amid growing Vehicle Recall

As Toyota Motor Corp.'s recalls extend to at least 7.6 million cars across five continents, President Akio Toyoda's only public comments on the matter have consisted of an impromptu, 75-second interview with a Japanese broadcaster in Davos, Switzerland.

More than a week after the world's largest carmaker said it would recall vehicles in the U.S. to fix defective gas reins linked to unplanned acceleration, Toyoda, 53, still hasn't addressed other media. The grandson of Toyota's organizer has left the task to U.S. sales Chief Jim Lentz and to Executive Vice President Shinichi Sasaki, who is in charge of quality control.

Toyota is a global company, but their way of usage this problem hasn't been up to global standards, said Yasuhiro Matsumoto, a Shinsei Securities Co. analyst in Tokyo. For the top executive to be hidden when there is a fatal trouble for the company gives the impression that he is trying to keep a low profile and hide.

Domestic force on Toyota rose nowadays after the Japanese government said it planned the automaker in August to examine its new Prius hybrid, which has not been piece of the recalls. The carmaker's sales in the U.S. dropped to a 10-year low in January, nearly its stock in Tokyo down 5.7 percent.

Toyota won't comment on Toyoda's position, citing company security policy, according to orator, Ririko Takeuchi. Last week, the carmaker declined to confirm his presence at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he said in an impulsive NHK television network interview on Jan. 29, "I am deeply sorry that we're giving cause for concern to customers."

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Monday, February 1, 2010

11 Motor Vehicle separation offices across Arizona to close

11 Motor Vehicle separation offices will close next week in an attempt to balance Arizona’s budget deficit.

Arizona branch of Transportation plan for the 2010 fiscal year include the closure of the MVD office on February 12.

ADOT has already temporarily balanced operation at 13 highway rest areas, put into place layoffs moving 115 employees, and summary roadway preservation and structure efforts.

ADOT say these moves are needed to balance a budget struck hard by $500 million in transfer away from transportation, and important declines in vehicle permit and gas tax revenue.

The MVD offices to close contain: Ajo, Benson, Bisbee, Central Phoenix, Clifton, East Mesa, Fredonia, Kearny, Superior, Willcox and Williams. The offices in Ajo, Clifton, Fredonia and Superior at present open only part-time.

Through a company with the City of St. Johns, the MVD customer service office in St. Johns will be open part-time opening February 16 to serve customers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The office was initially planned to close.

Residents can conduct a range of online contact through or by visiting one of more than 140 third-party locations statewide.